Active Partition Recovery

An Active Partition is a logical disk partition on a hard disk drive, containing the Operating System. Active Partition is the bootable disk out of all logical disk partitions. For each hard drive, only one logical partition can be set as bootable disk partition. If you are using a Microsoft Windows then logical disk partition containing Windows is called Active Partition. When you start your computer, system BIOS code identifies the startup primary disk and reads the Master Boot Record (MBR). The master boot code checks the Master Boot Record to locate the active primary disk partition on the hard disk. In case, if the hard disk does not contain any Active Partition then OS start up is not possible. Sometimes, the Master Boot Record becomes corrupted; it may be due to human errors, viruses and other factors. Also if MBR is corrupted then it is not possible to boot. Improperly making any other primary disk partition as Active Partition leads to failure in booting OS. As a result, you will lose all your important data from Active Partition. But, do not be panic! you can perform Active Partition recovery on Windows with a NTFS Ppartition Recovery Tool. Before going into Active Partition recovery procedure, be concerned about some of the factors responsible behind this problem.


  • Deleting Active Partition – While using windows disk management tool to delete any partition wrongly deleting Active Partition.
  • Formatting Active Partition – Accidentally formatting Active directory instead of the drive you want to format.
  • Re-Partitioning Problems – Suppose you want to make partition of the drive containing OS and the re-partition process goes wrong.
  • Disk Failure – While making some operations using Windows disk management tool and something goes wrong making Active Partition driver inaccessible.
  • Virus Attack – Virus infection on system may delete several important files form Active Partition.

How to Recover Active Partition?

You can recover Active Partition by using NTFS Partitions Recovery. This software can also retrieve Active partition without losing any important and crucial information from it. NTFS Partition Recovery is the best available software to recover Active Partition containing OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can select whatever type of files that you want to recover from Active partition. Whatever may be the case, this software is perfectly able to restore Active Partition. With this software, you can perform Active Partition recovery on any Windows OS based computer.


  • Supports all most all versions of Windows OS including Server Editions.
  • Able to recognize most of the common file types with its built in signature database.
  • Easily recover data from both NTFS and FAT partitions.
  • Built in fast scan engine to determine and locate files from Windows Active Partition.

Steps to Retrieve Active Partition

Step - 1: Download and install the demo version of NTFS Partition Recovery software. Launch the installed software and choose "Recover Drive" option to perform Active Partition recovery.

Active Partition Recovery - Home Screen

Step - 2: Now, Choose one option as per scenario, from "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery" to retrieve active partition data.

Active Partition Recovery - Choose Recovery Option

Step - 3: Choose the Active Partition containing data from all available drives in the list,to perform Active Disk Partition recovery.

Active Partition Recovery - Choose Drive

Step - 4: Preview recovered files from your Active Partition either in "Data View" or in "File Type View" mode.

Active Partition Recovery - Review Files

Step - 5:After evaluation if you are satisfied with the recovered results, save the session and purchase the full version of the software to recover data completely from your Active Partition.

Tips on how to Safeguard Your Active Partition

  • Use a trusted Antivirus Program On your PC.
  • Take regular Backup of your Active Partition so that you can restore them back in case of any problem related to Active Partition.
  • While using Windows Disk Management Tool, take care of operation you are performing
  • Do not delete any files from your Active Partition until and unless you make sure those are no more useful.