Corrupted NTFS Partition Recovery

Have you lost access to files due to corruption of NTFS parition? In such cases usually error is thrown to format your NTFS partition and you will be left with no other option other than formatting, but by doing so all the data stored will be lost. Now, it's all about recovering files safely, to ensure this you can avail the services of NTFS Partition Recovery. It is one of the most recommended tool to perform corrupted NTFS partition recovery

  • NTFS Partition Recovery Software allows easy recovery of files from NTFS partition.
  • This reliable tool is 100% secure to restore data from corrupted NTFS partition.
  • It is easy-to-use and the demo version is available for FREE of cost.


    Supported Windows Versions: Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows 2008

    “My system was containing total four partitions in total, all of which uses NTFS file system. Couple of day’s back, when I was resizing one of my hard drive partition, the process was interrupted with auto restart due to some unknown reason thereby the NTFS hard drive partition got corrupted. It was containing lot of essential data, and what is bothering me is that I don’t have the backup of the data. Now, I am searching for how to recover corrupt NTFS partition data? It seems really challenging to find out the perfect tool for performing corrupt NTFS partition recovery. Please, help me out to find the most reliable application to recover data from corrupt NTFS partition.”.

    Windows users often prefer to use NTFS file system over other file system, as it is extremely fast, much safer and highly advanced. It allows user to perform data transfer, read/write operations with great speed on partitions. But the features of the NTFS file system doesn’t contribute to the safety of the partition, as there is still a high possibility of losing access to the files stored on your NTFS drive when the partition is corrupted or turned inaccessible. For any user losing files and folders that are residing on the NTFS partition is a nightmare. As discussed in the above mentioned situation user might experience heavy data loss due to interruption while performing resizing or repartitioning. There are various other reasons too that contributes to the corruption scenarios of NTFS partition. Let us focus corruption scenarios for a while before gaining more knowledge on corrupt data recovery from NTFS partition.

    Situation leading to NTFS Partition Corruption

    • Partition table corruption: The responsibility of partition table is to keep track of all the partitions on your system, if this is altered or corrupted due to any reason, the entire NTFS partition table will turn inaccessible.
    • File system conversion error: Erroneous file system conversion or error while renaming the file system may also lead to NTFS partition corruption.
    • Improper usage of Disk Management utility: Disk Management is used to manage the partitions on your system, less knowledge about this tool leads to inappropriate usage and can cause corruption.
    • Virus attack: In case, if the partition is affected by severe viruses then the files stored on the hard drive partition will turn inaccessible.
    • Bad sectors: More bad sectors generated on the hard drive partition is also responsible for the cause of NTFS partition corruption.

    It is always advised to keep backup of the essential files on your hard drive to avoid such adverse situations. But often users fail to do so, in such situations user might have to come across the above mentioned scenarios leading to data loss. At these times you can make use of professional tool like NTFS Partition Recovery in order to recover corrupted NTFS partition.

    NTFS Partition Recovery

    NTFS Partition Recovery is an extremely handy tool to recover corrupt NTFS partition whenever you encounter with corruption of NTFS partition due to any reason. This competent NTFS partition recovery tool is strongly recommended by industry experts to recover corrupt NTFS partition on windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and other versions. This data recovery application has the capability to recover data from NTFS partition that is corrupted, formatted, deleted under various circumstances.

    More features of NTFS Partition Recovery

    • The very simple interface embodied with this tool, makes it extremely easy for the user to perform data recovery from corrupted NTFS partition
    • You can use this tool for recovering even partitions on Windows 10, which is Microsoft’s latest operating system. Just visit the following page to grab more details on this subject.
    • This data recovery utility is encapsulated with advanced scanning algorithms which helps to scan the entire hard drive partition for files and folders that are inaccessible.
    • Apart from recovering files from NTFS partition, it is also capable of recovering files from NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and many more.
    • It has the capability to identify all major file types i.e. photos, videos, audios, documents and compressed documents of major file formats and retrieves it safely to the desired destination.
    • This tool has the ability to perform Windows 8 partition recovery on all the hard drive models of popular hard disk brands such as WD, Toshiba, Seagate, etc. Check this page to get more details about this.
    • Save recovery session feature of this tool allows the user to save lot of time, as the user doesn’t need to rescan the entire NTFS hard drive partition again.
    • Demo version of the application permits the user to view the files recovered from NTFS partition, which helps user to evaluate the performance of this tool.

    Steps to restore corrupted NTFS partition

    Step - 1: Launch the installed NTFS Recovery software. Now Choose "Recover Drive" option.

    Step - 2: Now, Choose "Partition Recovery" (to recover data from corrupted, deleted and lost partition) or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" (to recover data from partition that is either formatted / reformatted) in order to get back data from corrupted NTFS partition .

    Step - 3: Choose the drive out of all available drives in the list, from which you want to perform recovery

    Step - 4: After performing a quick scan it wil show you list of found partition, select the approprite disk partition

    Step - 5: Review recovered files either in "Data View" or in "File Type View" mode.

    Step - 6: After evaluation, if you are satisfied with the recovered results, purchase the full version of the software to save recovered data.