Recover NTFS Partition Showing as RAW

You might have faced a problem like "You need to format the disk in drive X: before you can use it." with leaving you no other option then "format disk". What about the data residing inside the disk X:? As you have only one option to perform, all data inside your hard disk will be erased after performing "format disk" option. Also, Windows is not able to perform a check disk operation on RAW drive it will show you an error "CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives". Therefore, CHKDSK is not able to restore NTFS disk partition showing as RAW. No need to be worried even if you have formatted your hard disk after such a problem you can recover NTFS partition showing as RAW. Use NTFS Partition Recovery tool to recover data from NTFS disk showing as RAW. In case you are using Windows 7 Opearting System and facing problem with any NTFS disk partition then Windows 7 NTFS Recovery is possible with NTFS Partition Recovery tool.

What is a RAW disk partition? A disk partition without any recognisable Windows File System is a RAW disk partition. As there is no File System exist for the disk drive, it does not contain any files and folders, therefore it cannot be used to store any data. Going into basics the file system detail about a disk partition that is usually saved at two places 1. In the partition table and 2. In the volume boot sector. Any contradictions between these detail or lost information from any of these results in a RAW hard disk partition. There are several reasons behind this problem some of them are listed below.

Reasons behind NTFS Showing as RAW

  • Neither Partition table nor Volume Boot Sector contains any information about the disk partition. Any illegal configuration about a disk partition in Windows Disk Management Tool may cause this problem.
  • While extending your volume in Disk Management using FSEXtend. Either because of the file system structure on the disk is corrupted or there is not enough disk space for the file system extend.
  • While re-partitioning a disk drive in Windows Disk Management and not formatting the created partition or due to any failure in operation.

How to recover NTFS partition showing as RAW?

NTFS RAW partition recovery is still possible because the volume location information is still available. NTFS Partition Recovery Software can recover RAW NTFS partition that has been corrupted, damaged or lost. This tool helps you to retrieve all your files as it is perfectly able to recover NTFS partition showing as RAW. It recover data from RAW NTFS hard drive in any of above listed problems. Even if you formatted your disk partition it is able to recover files. NTFS Partition Recovery fix issues related to RAW file system along with it recover data from RAW hard drive. You can even recover RAID partitions using this tool on different RAID partitions like RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 without involving any complex steps. Just refer the following page, in case it is relevant to you.

It is able to recognise around 300 types of file formats also you can add your own file signatures if they are not listed. So this tool is quite able to perform NTFS partition recovery showing as Raw preserving all your files. NTFS is the default file system on even Windows 10 computers. So, this RAW partition problem exists on Windows 10 also. But, partition recovery Windows 10 can be performed using NTFS Partition recovery tool to overcome these kinds of problems associated with Windows 10 computers.

Note: Although the name of this utility is NTFS Partition Recovery, you can use this for other file systems also. For instance, using this tool, you can effortlessly recover data from HFS+ drive which is the common file system in many of the Mac computers. Not just deleted data recovery from HFS+ drives; you can effectively recover data from Formatted Mac volumes with the help of this tool. Visit the following page to understand the procedure which you can use in order to recover data from a formatted Mac volume.

NTFS Partition Recovery tool comes with very user friendly options by which you can go for NTFS partition recovery showing as Raw by following few simple steps.

Steps to recover NTFS partition showing as RAW:

Step - 1: Download and install the demo version of NTFS Partition Recovery Software to perform NTFS partition recovery showing as RAW. Launch the installed NTFS Partition Recovery software. Now choose "Recover Drive" option to recover NTFS partition showing as Raw.

Recover NTFS Partition Showing As Raw - Home Screen

Step - 2: Now choose "Partition Recovery" out of the two available options to recover data from NTFS disk showing as RAW.

Recover NTFS Partition Showing As Raw - Choose Recovery Option

Step - 3: Choose the drive showing as RAW out of all available drives in the list, from which you want to recover data from NTFS disk showing as RAW

Recover NTFS Partition Showing As Raw - Choose Drive

Step - 4: Review recovered files either in "Data View" or in "File Type View" mode.

Recover NTFS Partition Showing As Raw - Review Files

Step - 5: After evaluation if you are satisfied with the recovered results, purchase the full version of the software to save recovered data.