Windows 7 NTFS Recovery

NTFS stands for New Technology File System is an advancement over FAT file system. Since Windows XP all the successor versions of Windows requires a NTFS disk partition to be installed. NT File System provides you increased security, robustness and performance. Therefore, if you want to install a copy of Windows 7 (64x or 86x) it is strongly recomended to format one of your disk partition with NT File System. NTFS supports drive over 40GB, a feature not available in FAT file system. So if you want to create logical partition with a size greater than 40GB then use NT File System instead of FAT File System. Unfortunately if one of your NTFS disk partition is showing as RAW disk partition then recover your NTFS Partition showing as RAW here.

Windows 7 provides you a feature to manage available disk partition with Microsoft Disk Management Tool. You can alter the values for each partition with the help of Disk Management tool. You have to be quite sure about disk management tool features to avoid any disaster. Any illegitimate experiment with disk partitions using Disk Management tool may lead to data loss from logical disk partitions. If you are a beginner then don’t alter any values in Disk Management, first learn how to use Disk Management.

In case of any mishap your NTFS disk partition is not accessible, deleted, lost or corrupted you don’t have to worry, just use NTFS Partition Recovery tool to perform Windows 7 NTFS volume recovery. Some of common NTFS disk partition data loss situations are listed below:

Accidental Partition Deletion: Sometimes, unfortunately NTFS partitions are deleted by user while performing delete operation on any other disk partition.

Formatting NTFS Partition: Performing a File System Formatting on NTFS disk partition either knowingly or unknowingly. Consider a case of formatting USB drive but unfortunately ends up with formatting a NTFS disk partition.

Re-Partitioning Problems: While re-partitioning an existing NTFS disk partition something goes wrong and the disk partition becomes inaccessible.

Disk Failure: Altering values of a NTFS disk partitions frequently or without knowledge using Windows Disk Management tool may leads to disk failure.

Re-formatting NTFS Disk Partition: In case of changing files system of a NTFS formatted disk partition to FAT File system it is recommended to back up data or else you will ends up with data loss.

Damaged Partition Table or MBR: MBR contains information how to boot your operating system and details of other disk partitions. In case MBR is corrupted, it is not possible to boot the operating system as a result of which data loss occurs from your disk partitions.

How to Recover Windows 7 NTFS Partition?

Windows 7 NTFS volume recovery is possible, because even if NTFS partition is lost, deleted, formatted the actual files are not erased only index entries are removed from NT File System MFT database. Therefore, NTFS Partition Recovery tool performs a deep scan of your NTFS disk partition and search for those files without having an index entry in MFT database. Looking into so many NTFS data loss scenarios NTFS Partition Recovery software is specially designed for Windows 7 NTFS Recovery. Windows 7 NTFS recovery is possible on both 64bit and 32 bit Windows 7 Operating System. Also you can recover Windows 7 NTFS partition in all versions of Windows 7 like Home, Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. Therefore, it is the best available tool presents till the current date to recover Windows 7 NTFS partition Just have a cup of coffee, install the software and perfom Windows 7 NTFS recovery, very simple. You can even perform RAID partition recovery on Windows 7 using this NTFS Partition Recovery tool effortlessly. Steps involved in such a recovery process are only few in number, so that anyone with little technical knowledge can perform without asking for help.

Note: HFS+ is the default file system in many Mac operating systems. Like NTFS partitions, files can get lost from HFS+ partitions also. Anyhow, with the help of this NTFS Recovery tool, you can perform HFS+ data recovery. You can visit: to get detailed info regarding HFS+ data recovery.  

Guide on how to perform Windows 7 NTFS Recovery?

You need to download and install the demo version of NTFS Partition Recovery software to perform Windows 7 NTFS volume recovery. Do not install on the NTFS disk partition from where you are going to recover your data. Ensure another disk partition with sufficient disk space to store the recovered data. Preferable to choose a external hard disk drive to store recovered data.

Step - 1: Launch the installed NTFS Partition Recovery software. Now choose "Recover Drive" option to recover Windows 7 NTFS volume.

Windows 7 NTFS Recovery - Home Screen

Step - 2: Now Choose one option as per your loss scenario, from "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted/ Reformatted Recovery".

Windows 7 NTFS Recovery - Choose Recovery Option

Step - 3: Choose the drive out of all available drives in the list, from which you want to perform recovery

Windows 7 NTFS Recovery - Choose Drive

Step - 4: After performing a quick scan it wil show you list of found partition, select the approprite disk partition

Windows 7 NTFS Recovery - Select Found Partition

Step - 5: Review recovered files either in "Data View" or in "File Type View" mode.

Windows 7 NTFS Recovery - Review Files

Step - 6:After evaluation if you are satisfied with the recovered results, purchase the full version of the software to retrieve Windows 7 NTFS partition completely.