NTFS Partition Recovery Software for Windows 8

Hi, I am using Windows 8 since the beginning of the year. Yesterday, I went through Diskpart command line utility. I wasn't familiar with that utility before. My intention was to shrink a partition. For that i selected one of my partition and performed the required task. Alas, I don't know what just happened. The selected partition got completely disappeared from my computer. I want that partition back since it contain huge amount of precious files. Can anyone tell me how to recover Windows 8 partitions without loosing any files from it?

The scenario mentioned above is a clear case indication of partition loss in Windows 8. Users are always concerned with their data, so loss of partitions would be unaffordable to them. So they may start looking towards Windows 8 partition recovery tools that can be freely downloaded from internet. Most of such tools are capable of creating more adverse effects so that the partition recovery from Windows 8 will become an impossible task then. Well, this problem needs a way out. Before discussing such things, knowing more reasons behind Loss of Windows 8 partitions can be helpful.

  • Windows Disk Management Utility: If you go through the Computer Management section on your Windows 8 computer, you can find this tool. Unlike Dikspart, it has a Graphical interface so that even novice uses can manage their disk partitions easily. If you are using this tool with unwanted haste, it may result in the loss of your precious partitions instead of performing your required task.
  • Third Party Tools: In internet, there are a large number of third party tools for performing disk operations. Partitions from your Windows 8 computer may lose while using such tools without proper knowledge about them.
  • During Re-installation of OS: Partitions may also get deleted up during re-installation of a Windows 8 computer. Main reason of this deletion would be human mistakes.
  • Other Reasons: Device driver conflicts, registry issues, etc. are some other reasons that lead to the loss of Windows 8 partitions.
  • Suppose you lose one or two partitions from your Windows 8 computer, what will you do first? Finding an Ideal Windows 8 partition recovery tool is somewhat difficult task, until you find NTFS Partition Recovery tool. This tool uses sophisticated scanning algorithms to scan and restore data from lost or deleted Windows 8 partitions in an effective way.

    Note: Using this tool, you can even recover data from active partitions which has been deleted or lost due to some causes. To know more about active partition recovery, you can refer this page: www.ntfspartition-recovery.com/active.html.

    Importance of NTFS Partition Recovery Tool

    • NTFS Partition Recovery can be used as an active partition recovery tool for Windows 8 computers.
    • You can use this tool for recovering Windows 8 partitions that have lost or deleted from various types of hard drive such as IDE, SCSI or SATA.
    • All types of hard drives manufactured by prominent brands such as Seagate, Transcend, WD, Toshiba, Buffalo, Samsung, etc. are supported by this tool.
    • Lost files from NTFS partitions which are labelled with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) can be effectively restored with this tool. This tool also allows you to recover NTFS partition showing as RAW using its powerful scanning engine.
    • Data from re-partitioned or re-formatted hard drives can be recovered with the help of this tool.
    • This tool allows you to sort retrieved data from Windows 8 partitions on the basis of various file attributes such as file name, file type, file extension and modified date.
    • In addition to all these features, you can use this tool for Windows 7 NTFS recovery on various types of hard drives irrespective of whether it is internal or external type. 

    Steps for Recovering Partitions on Windows 8

    Step 1: Download and install the free version of this tool on your computer. Launch the tool and select “Recover Drives” option from the home screen.

    Windows 8 Partition Recovery- Home Screen

    Step 2: From the next screen, select “Partition Recovery” option and proceed to the next screen. You have to select your Windows 8 hard drive partition from there from the list of available drives.

    How to Recover Windows 8 Partitions- Select Recovery Methods

    Step 3: From the list of available drives, choose your drive from which you want to perform recovery.

    Partition Recovery from Windows 8- Select Volume

    Step 4: After a quick scan, it will show up your lost partition. Select it and click on the “Forward to start recovery of data from it.

    Windows 8 Partition Recovery Tool- Start Recovery

    Step 5: After scanning you can view recovered data in terms of “File Type View” and “Data View”.

    Recovering Windows 8 Partitions- View Recovered Data