How to Recover Windows NTFS Partition Data?

NTFS is the preferred file system for Windows operating system as it has several enhancements over its previous versions. But still, the NTFS partitions may get deleted or go missing from your Windows OS based machines due to several reasons which leads to huge data loss.

So what’s now?

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Supported Windows OS Versions: Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2003 and Microsoft Windows 2008

Get Detailed Info to Recover NTFS Partition Without Losing Data?

NTFS is the file system, which is used by Windows operating system to store and retrieve files and folder stored on hard disk. It allows you to create multiple partition for storing files and folders. There is an inbuilt Disk Management tool on Windows System, which allows you to create multiple partitions on your hard disk.

Partitions are the logical blocks in the hard drive; each partition contains one file system which is by default NTFS for Windows OS. It separates the program files and users file, and store those files and folders in user defined structure and help him to fast search and access when needed. Each partition in Windows operating system’s hard drive contains NTFS file system, which stores the detail information about files and folders located inside that partition and help operating system to access and manipulate them with fast performance. It provides some additional features like reliability, security, support to large volumes, compressing files, etc.

If the hard drive has only one partition where all files are stored and if that partition is damaged, you cannot boot the system and entire data is lost. But, if you have multiple partitions, and one of them gets damaged or deleted by mistake, only the data on that particular partition is lost while the rest of the data on other partitions is still intact. Hence, partitioning a storage device is important. If a partition gets deleted knowingly or unknowingly, Windows NTFS partition recovery becomes really tedious. There are various reasons which may lead to data loss from Windows NTFS partition. So let’s see some of them.

Scenarios where NTFS partition can be deleted or lost

Partitioning Error: Partitioning is done to separate system created files and user’s file. It provides well-structured file storing system and enables you to quick access. While creating partition even a single mistake can delete entire partition and make them invisible. This will lead to large data loss form NTFS partition.

Virus Attack: Viruses always try to modify and corrupt the file and programs property. Sometimes it may make entire partition inaccessible and data stored in NTFS partition will be lost.

File System Corruption: File system contains the detail information about stored data and partitions, if somehow file system get corrupted then it leads to large data loss from hard drive.

Accidental Format: While working with any external storage device, sometime in spite of formatting external storage device you may format any partition. As a result entire data stored in partition will be deleted.

Other Reasons: Besides of above mentioned scenarios there are many more reasons which may lead to partition loss such as abruptly shutting down of system, improper ejection of external storage device while transferring data. Where you can use trusted this tool for performing NTFS partition recovery Windows within few minutes.

Windows 8 is one of the operating systems that come with NTFS partitions by default. Because of the same reasons, you can perform Windows 8 partition recovery without involving much effort.

Salient features of the NTFS Partition Recovery tool

  • Windows NTFS Partition Recovery tool having efficient algorithm, which enables it to Microsoft Windows partition recovery within few minutes. It can scan entire hard drive quickly and retrieve NTFS lost partition which has been lost or deleted due to any reason.
  • It identifies almost all type of files and recovers them without making you worry about how to recover lost NTFS partition.
  • It is one of the best Windows NTFS partition recovery software, as it has automated recovery process, which enables it to recover Windows NTFS partition without modifying original data or files.
  • It can be used to recover NTFS partition on Windows 7 and all other popular versions of Windows OS such as Windows 2000, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2003.
  • Recovered data can be previewed prior to save and can be sorted on the basis of name, date of creation, size, etc.
  • You can use this utility to recover data from Windows NTFS partition even if they are encrypted.
  • Save Recovery Session inbuilt features save your time by avoiding rescan same drive to recover lost data NTFS partitions.

Steps to perform Windows NTFS partition recovery?

Step 1: Download and install NTFS Partition Recovery software. Now choose "Recover Drives" option to recover Windows NTFS partition recovery.

Windows NTFS partition recovery - Home Screen

Step - 2: Now Choose "Partition Recovery"  option.

Windows NTFS volume recovery - Choose Recovery Option

Step - 3: Choose the drive from which you want to undelete or recover lost Windows NTFS partition.

Windows NTFS partition recovery - Choose Drive

Step - 4: After scanning it wil show you list of partitions, select the approprite disk partition.

Windows NTFS partition recovery - Select Partition

Step - 5: Review recovered files either in "Data View" or in "File Type View" mode.

Windows NTFS drive recovery - Review Files

Step - 6: After Reviewing recovered data, if you are satisfied, purchase the full version of the software to save recovered NTFS partition data.